Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0

Create or edit photos, videos, or 3D designs

Edit and retouch images, create 3D designs and more. Enhance your pictures using various filters, make the comical by deforming them or more private by distorting elements that shouldn't be seen. The tool embeds multilayer support.

Adobe Photoshop CC is probably the most known editing software for editing digital images and can be used by both novice users and the most experienced professionals. The program is equipped with numerous modern features, such as intelligent auto-correction, HDR imaging, color management, animations, effects, brushes, and selection tools.

The installation process may last a couple of minutes but the configuration operation is quite friendly. The interface is stacked with various toolbars, panels, and menus, and at first, beginner users may find it too complicated. However, the program offers users plenty of tutorials and help manuals, so they can fulfill their tasks regarding their level of knowledge.

As I said in the beginning, Adobe Photoshop CC comes packed with multiple features and tools. The Automatic picture correction is one of them. This feature allows users to apply image corrections, like removing chromatic aberrations, vignetting, or lens distortions.

Another useful function is the Frame tool, that can be used to create shapes or text frames to be later used as placeholders for canvas.

Furthermore, with the Symmetry mode users are able to define axes and choose preset patterns like circular, radial, mandala, and spiral ones.

The downsides are represented by the high use of the system memory, the expensive price, and the lack of sensitivity of the Select and Mask tool.

In conclusion, Adobe Photoshop CC is one of the best software choices for image editing, thanks to its versatile features and its capability of transforming ideas into reality.

John Saunders
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  • Has a Symmetry paint mode
  • Comes with Automatic picture correction
  • Has multiple tutorials for beginners


  • Uses a high amount of system memory
  • The price is too expensive
  • Lack of sensitivity of Select and Mask tool
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